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Geographical advantage-

E-pac Asia located in Nanwan, Longgang district, Shenzhen, as an International city with a certain influence, Shenzhen has a huge amount of technical human resources, it also located in the Pearl River Delta area, with a wealth of mature manufacturing resources, Shenzhen had created the famous “Shenzhen Speed”, and also famous as a “design capital”

Supply Chain Resource Advantage-

Based on rich human resources and manufacturing resources in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta, E-pac Asia has already developed and formed a product supply chain covering a wide range of professional knowledge and a wide range of new product development team, and built a sound product development system.

Technical Advantage-

Industrial products require a wide range of process technology, with itself experienced engineers and suppliers of engineering and technical support, E-pac Asia can be a one-stop solution provider in a variety of plastic molding, mold development and hardware die mold development and prototyping, part of the electronic circuit design and assembly, product appearance design and so on.

Services Advantage-

In order to better service and meet the needs of foreign customers design and development, E-pac Asia has established a strategic partnership in Netherlands, Due to cultural and geographical advantages, we can quickly and more accurate to capture the potential needs of the guests, to achieve more effective communication. shorten the time of product design and development, at the same time when customers encounter doubts can timely communicate and solve the problem.